It could be a little frustrating when you are trying to complete hbo go activate and your #Roku device is not responding. Try these simple remedial measures such as tweaking your internet or restarting the #device to overcome the issue. Other solutions include,

  1. When using a wireless #connection, make sure that the streaming device is in close range with the router
  2. Despite the efforts, if the signal strength is weak, try using a wireless signal amplifier

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The new channel app released on #AppleTV supports HBO Go #channel streaming

  • Start downloading the app visiting the device app store
  • Check if the internet #connection is active.
  • Once if the download process is done, open the app  
  • Navigate to the settings tab and select the option to activate your device
  • Note down the #ActivationCode that appears on the screen
  • From your mobile device navigate to the #HBOGO channel activation page hbogo.com/activate
  • Type the channel activation code and ca
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