• To start with, go to Roku’s main menu and choose the category MOVIE STORE
  • Subsequently, you can choose the TV store if you wish to streamany of the #TV shows.
  • Then, use the search option to search for any content of your choice
  • In the search option, search for Fandango Now
  • Click on Fandango Now and will see a Roku activation code with which you can activate the #Fandango channel
  • Open the fandangonow.com/activate and key in the activation code you saw on your Roku screen
  • Enter the Roku ac
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  1. Initially, charge up your #Roku device
  2. Connect the device to your home’s internet connection
  3. Login to your Roku account utilizing the right credentials
  4. Besides, go straight to the home option handling the Roku remote
  5. Enter the word- Nickelodeon or #Nick in the search bar of the #channel store
  6. Further, install the channel instantaneously
  7. Visit the URL com/activate via your PC or mobile phone through any good web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge
  8. Enter
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#SonyCrackle is an over-the-top streaming platform of Sony entertainment network which is a cashless subscription. It offers a wide range of exhilarating contents like hand-picked Hollywood movies, exciting Tv shows, etc. The activation process of Sony Crackle in your #Roku #device is facile. Navigate to Roku #channel store and enter Sony Crackle on the search tab and pick Add channel tab. Then head over to Activate Your Device option which provides the activation code on your screen. Then you h

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Use your #Roku #streaming #remote to search for the channel. There will be an arrow key on your remote to scroll on the channels. Click the ok button on the remote once find the HBO GO channel. It will open up the page with the #channel information. Then again click Ok button on the Add tab in the screen. By clicking on it, the page will redirect to the payment gateway. Then the #HBOGO channel will be added to your subscription list of channels.

Further details visit hbogo.com/activate page or

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  • Failure in the #channel #activation process commonly occurs when there is a slow internet connection
  • So, make sure you have a stable and strong network connection and also, place your #Roku closer to the router
  • Ensure your caps lock key is turned on or off on your keypad as the activation code is case sensitive
  • Make sure your Roku device has the latest software update because older versions can lead to #TBS activation issues

For more details visit tbs.com/activate page or call us @ +1-84

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The new channel app released on #AppleTV supports HBO Go #channel streaming

  • Start downloading the app visiting the device app store
  • Check if the internet #connection is active.
  • Once if the download process is done, open the app  
  • Navigate to the settings tab and select the option to activate your device
  • Note down the #ActivationCode that appears on the screen
  • From your mobile device navigate to the #HBOGO channel activation page hbogo.com/activate
  • Type the channel activation code and ca
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Direct now on Roku, the most streamed channel is in more demand among the entertainment lovers. As it offers top and best program collections there are lot of fan followers. To stream the contents you need to activate the #channel. It's simple select the app from the app store, add it, log in with the #DirecTV account credentials and carry on with the onscreen instructions. To get more assistance for Directv Now Activate on #Roku, ring the customer support number @ +1-855-803-8370, our technical

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  1. Get Roku on your TV installed and make sure it is working fine
  2. Complete all the process with the 4 green dots on top of Roku’s activation screen
  3. Move to the STORE, either the Channel store or the Roku store
  4. Choose your channel subscription of #HBO from the Store
  5. Open the HBO tab on your #Roku activated device
  6. This will direct you to an hbogo.com/activate page
  7. The current page will give you the #ACTIVATION code
  8. Carry on with the necessary steps that will ask you for the #code
  9. Do feed in
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When you wish to create an #HBOGO account for your Roku device, you must visit the HBO GO website first. On this website, provide details such as a unique email address and register for a new account. After which you can login to the #account to select a subscription plan that suits you and your family and also make a payment towards it. Use the same login credentials to #activate the #channel on your #Roku device with the addition of a channel #activation code.

For HBO channel activation visit

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The pbs #kids have become more active than never before. They have so many great #shows that will keep the kids interactive and full with learning about interesting #facts. While you have your hands full at home, this channel get to be a best diversion for the kiddos to hand onto. The #channel is easy to get on your #Roku streaming device. Activate the Roku stick and finish all of it #setup process without any problem first. Move to you Roku’s Channel Store and find out which you needed activate

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