Vastushastra Training Course in India



Vedic Astrology is very valuable tool that you can use for yourself or for the benefit of others. According to the Vedic Astrology all astronomical bodies like the sun, the moon, the planets or the stars, impact the worldly situation by their layouts. These configurations of the planets at the time of birth decide the life tendency, strengths and weaknesses of person.


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South-West Direction is very auspicious because it is controlled by Rahu which governs luck, finance, health and stability so this direction plays a major role. If there is a Vastu defect or Vastu dosh in the south-west corner of your house, one will experience trouble and many failures like financial debts, pitru dosha, accidents, health issues etc. To get rid of these Vastu Defects or Vastu Dosha from your life kindly Consult with VASTUDEKHO Now!  

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