#Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a #manicure. Fewer layers means it’s a chance to let your fingers shine! Though you might be tempted to jump straight into a neon #nail_polish, might I suggest something different? Here are the #nail_trends you need to try out before summer ends.

Something Simple & Cute, Colorful Polka Dots


Don’t want something too time consuming but still want to look cute? Then try out some #colorful polka dots. There’s an assortment of options with this l

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This summer is all about glowing beautiful #skin... the healthy way! Long gone are the days when you would sit in the sun for hours hoping for a beautifully even #tan or in a crowded tanning salon trying to figure out what color tan works best for you. It takes too much time and the sun can cause major skin damage and possibly cancer. So what are the #celebs doing to get their gorgeous glow? The answer is: bronzer! Here are the best #bronzers to try this #summer!

1. Becca x Becca

Becca Cosmeti

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