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PBS Kids is one of the best entertainment channel for the #Kids. Now this channel is available on #Roku and add the channel under ‘Kids & Family’ Category. Some of the popular #shows like Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, Arthur, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Cyberchase and many more are available on #PBS Kids. Perform the Pbskids.org/activate procedure on your Roku device to activate the channel. For more detailed information just reach our technical team @ +1-888-298-2680.


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Use your #Roku #streaming #remote to search for the channel. There will be an arrow key on your remote to scroll on the channels. Click the ok button on the remote once find the HBO GO channel. It will open up the page with the #channel information. Then again click Ok button on the Add tab in the screen. By clicking on it, the page will redirect to the payment gateway. Then the #HBOGO channel will be added to your subscription list of channels.

Further details visit hbogo.com/activate page or

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Steps to rectify the problem

  • Relaunch the #spectrum TV app by visiting the Home menu on your #Roku player
  • To resolve the errors, the user needs to check the system updates
  • You can also uninstall the existing applications and perform an #OS update as well
  • A quick restart of the device can be done - unplug the device and try connecting the cables once again
  • Verify the HDMI port connections between the TV and your  Roku Device
  • The Internet Service Provider may have to be contacted at times
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  • Failure in the #channel #activation process commonly occurs when there is a slow internet connection
  • So, make sure you have a stable and strong network connection and also, place your #Roku closer to the router
  • Ensure your caps lock key is turned on or off on your keypad as the activation code is case sensitive
  • Make sure your Roku device has the latest software update because older versions can lead to #TBS activation issues

For more details visit tbs.com/activate page or call us @ +1-84

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You will have to ensure that you update the software in your devices on a regular basis. This will lead to the proper functioning of the apps. Without the interruption of your streaming experience, #Roku does all the updates automatically. In rare events, the device may miss a few updates, wherein, you will have to #update the #software and firmware for your streaming player manually.

From the home screen menu of Roku, go to the Settings menu and select the System option. After that you will ha

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Voice search

#Roku search is a familiar task amid streaming the channels. Enabling the voice search will ease all your searches made on movies, actors and shows, etc. Get the voice search option on the Roku #remote for higher-end device #models. And now it is also available on the Roku mobile #app.

Substitute for your Roku remote

Breaking your remote and bawling with your buddy is a very common thing. Say no more aggravating times if you have broken your Roku #remote. For instance, to navigat

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Direct now on Roku, the most streamed channel is in more demand among the entertainment lovers. As it offers top and best program collections there are lot of fan followers. To stream the contents you need to activate the #channel. It's simple select the app from the app store, add it, log in with the #DirecTV account credentials and carry on with the onscreen instructions. To get more assistance for Directv Now Activate on #Roku, ring the customer support number @ +1-855-803-8370, our technical

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  1. Get Roku on your TV installed and make sure it is working fine
  2. Complete all the process with the 4 green dots on top of Roku’s activation screen
  3. Move to the STORE, either the Channel store or the Roku store
  4. Choose your channel subscription of #HBO from the Store
  5. Open the HBO tab on your #Roku activated device
  6. This will direct you to an hbogo.com/activate page
  7. The current page will give you the #ACTIVATION code
  8. Carry on with the necessary steps that will ask you for the #code
  9. Do feed in
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Sometimes, you may feel difficult to choose a perfect input slot to plug in the cables as the ports are eventually same. In such cases, you need to choose it correctly and pick one required input. Choose HDMI1, HDMI2 or AUX to start streaming your favorites.

It is essential to choose a proper port to insert the cables to your #RokuTV and here is how you can perform. At first, you should choose input HDMI1 of HDMI2 or others to perform a proper #RokuSetup. To choose the inputs, you should make u

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When you wish to create an #HBOGO account for your Roku device, you must visit the HBO GO website first. On this website, provide details such as a unique email address and register for a new account. After which you can login to the #account to select a subscription plan that suits you and your family and also make a payment towards it. Use the same login credentials to #activate the #channel on your #Roku device with the addition of a channel #activation code.

For HBO channel activation visit

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