ecretarial Audit is basically an audit which helps in checking the compliances related to various legislation like Companies Act and many other laws including the corporate and economic ones that are applied on a company. It basically helps in accomplishing the objective of the organisation by bringing in all the required managements and processes in place.   Hence it can be said that #Secretarial #Audit provides all the requirements to comfort all the entities of the company by giving them p continue reading →

GST or Goods and Service Tax is a form of Indirect Tax that is comprehensive and is levied on every value addition. This means that this tax is imposed at every point of sale and in case intra state sales are involved then the goods would be imposed with a Central GST and a state #GST.

What do you mean by GST audit?

GST #audit basically refers to auditing the reports that are maintained by a taxpayer who has registered under GST. An important check point in auditing the reports would be reconc

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At KGRN Associates we are enthusiastic about interfacing with private ventures. We couldn't have been progressively enchanted when Dubai Chamber of Commerce in its yearly production anticipated a 7.7 % extension in the extent of its retail showcase. With financial specialists quick to profit by the development to EXPO 2020, the retail deals turnover is required to outperform $ 52 billion.

So consider the possibility that you face extreme staffing choices, a costly bookkeeping programming that i

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KGRN is a leading Chartered Accountant Firm in Dubai, UAE. We have a team of 50+ professionals and chartered accountant, who add the value to your business firm of professionals qualified auditors, accountants, and financial advisers to help our clients in getting quality services. KGRN Accounting business solutions cover industries such as banking & financial services, insurance, telecommunications, hospitality, travel and leisure, professional services, government

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