Zika fever Patient went with ICU assistance by Global Air Ambulance Services

4 months ago

Zika fever Patient went with ICU assistance by Global Air Ambulance Services

We are going to reveal the recent experience of shifting an important patient infected with "Global Air Ambulance Services" Zika fever which is very dangerous and can spread by mosquito bites of an infected Aides species. Symptoms are mild and may include fever, joint muscle pain or rash, and symptoms of symptoms may be beyond the first mention. However, there is no vaccine to prevent the virus, but at least in the transition, the patient was required to immediately move to another medical treatment centre for emergency treatment.


So for emergency shifting, which could be possible with the support of only the air ambulance, to transfer the patient to the required place or medical treatment centre within a short time, which was supported by Global Air Ambulance Services?

The Global Air Ambulance team provides the support of Low-Cost Air Ambulance in Ranchi with the lowest service fee with the mentioned facilities...

  • Nebulization support with C-circuits
  • B.P equipment with an external pacemaker
  • Regulator and oxygen with ventilation support
  • Laryngoscope with different size OFB lead

The subsidiary and facilitative services of the Air Ambulance in Patna hire frescoes for the lowest service fee with the modernly equipped support of medical equipment and the specialist faculty of MD doctors and the EMT specialist for medical treatment along Medical Tourism Process.


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