Why Startups Benefit From a Third-Party Code Audit

13 days ago

Why Startups Benefit From a Third-Party Code Audit

When the business growth, a digital product needs to scale. However, scaling an application if the code has bugs and vulnerabilities  can be a nightmare.  Running a software audit before scaling a software product allows you to better understand of the state of your project and make the right decisions about the product development roadmap.

Benefits of 3rd-party code audit

Key benefits of a third-party code audit:

  1. Additional expertise. A 3rd party code auditor brings in external expertise, which can help resolve issues your development team failed to fix.
  2. Fresh perspective. An independent reviewer may notice things that get missed due to tunnel vision and biases.
  3. Increased efficiency. An external software audit saves business owners’ and developers’ time and effort.

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