Who Invented the Motorcycle

6 months ago

Who Invented the Motorcycle

Alas, poor Roper came unstuck. In June of 1896 he took his invention to the Charles River bicycle racetrack in Boston. He had an idea that it would make an ideal pace-making machine for bicycle races. First he completed a few laps while the best bicycle racers tried to keep up with him, then the track was cleared to allow him to show just how potent was his machine Autel MaxiCOM MK808. His initial attempt covered a mile in two minutes and 12 seconds for an average speed of about 30 mph.

But why stop at that? He knew his bike would perform at an average speed of 40mph as it had done the previous week in unofficial tests maxicheck mx808 reviews. However, as he circled the wooden track and his speed increased, the bike began to wobble causing him to be thrown from the machine. He landing in the sand that surrounded the track, but when worried onlookers reached him, it was clear that he had expired. His death was not a direct result of the accident, but heart failure. The announcement of his death was covered in many newspapers including the Boston Daily Globe.

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