What types of cases are included in Civil Litigation

2 months ago

What types of cases are included in Civil Litigation

Civil litigation lawyers are among the legal professionals who handle legal issues between individuals and organizations. The term civil litigation includes legalities related to property and real estate, the environment, construction, medical malpractice, employment and Worker's Compensation, education, personal injury, and intellectual property.

Civil cases focus more on financial retribution while criminal cases are about punishment. The penalties for criminal violations are harsher than that for civil offences. Automobile accidents, product defects, and violation or infringement of property rights will all come under the purview of civil litigation. Thus, the common types of civil cases are:

  •    Product Liability
  •    Copyright Violations
  •    Debt Settlement
  •    Class Action Suits
  •    Defamation Action
  •    Business Litigation
  •    Contract Disputes

The principle of civil litigation Bethesda MD is to protect peoples' rights, create strategies, and design remedies. It is a means of resolving disputes and for seeking justice.

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