What is the technology of CCD barcode scanner?

6 months ago

What is the technology of CCD barcode scanner?

Xincode barocde scanner.

Barcode scanners are also in many instances referred to as barcode scanners/readers. They are units for analyzing data contained in barcodes and can be divided into one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code scanners. The shape of the barcode scanner is normally the following parts: a light source, a receiving device, a photoelectric conversion component, a decoding circuit, and a laptop interface. The primary working principle of the scanner is that the light emitted by way of the light supply is illuminated by means of the optical machine onto the bar code symbol. The mirrored mild is imaged by means of the optical gadget on the photoelectric converter and interpreted with the aid of the decoder as a digital signal that the computer can immediately accept. In addition to one, two-dimensional bar code scanner classification. Can also be classified as: CCD, full-angle laser and laser handheld barcode scanner.

Ordinary barcode readers usually use the following 4 technologies: mild pen, CCD, laser, and photo type red light.

ccd barcode scanner teconology

The CCD reader makes use of one or more LEDs to emit mild that covers the complete barcode. The photo of the barcode is transmitted to a row of light, sampled with the aid of every character photodiode, and the neighboring detection result is "black" or " White "differentiates each bar or space to determine the character of the barcode. In different words, the CCD reader does now not pay interest to read each "bar" or "empty", but the whole phase of the barcode and converts it into a decodable electrical signal.

Advantages: CCD readers are more cost-effective than different readers, however, they also have a wide range of reading barcodes and are easy to use. It weighs less than a laser reader and is not as available as a light pen. 

Disadvantages: The drawback of the CCD reader is its reading depth of the subject and analyzing width. It is challenging to read barcodes printed on curved surfaces (such as beverage cans); in some locations that require long-distance reading, such as warehouses, Not very suitable; CCD's anti-drop overall performance is poor, so the failure rate is high.


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