Ways To Hydrate And Moisturize Your Dry Hair

4 months ago

Ways To Hydrate And Moisturize Your Dry Hair

In summers, we blame the sun and heat to make our hair dry. In Winters we make cold and wind the culprit to stripping our hair moisture. As far as dry hair concerns these factors contribute to its reasons but there are many more. According to trichologist hair transplant clinic in Mumbai there are two basic reasons behind dry hair, one is the scalp is not producing much natural oil to moisturize your hair and secondly is the structure of your hair that causing moisture to escape.

Lack of moisture resulting in frizzy and dry hair that prone to cause hair loss.

Here we are telling you ways to hydrate or moisturize your hair to make them soft and supple.

1. Avoid overuse of heat treatments or use thermal protective formula before using heat.

2. Eliminate over washing and under conditioning of hair

3. Avoid exposing your hair to sun, wind and salt water much

4. Stop overdoing chemical treatments on hair.

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