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26 days ago

Water Permeable Bricks - Rechsand

The surface of the insomnia brick is very dense, belonging to the high-end micron-level water.




Yan Chuang permeable brick permeable speed is more than 20 times the industry standard.

Advantages of benevolence:

(1) Permeable speed: Ren Chong permeable water brick is very fast, can be achieved (780kg per hour per square meter of water). Renzheng tiles experienced Beijing 721 heavy rain test (60 years a case), 721 during the rainstorm, laying benevolent water permeable bricks of the Olympic underground square without any water.




(2) Permeability Long: long penetration of the water permeable brick is the principle of “damaging the surface tension of the water”, the surface of the brick is very dense, it is not easy to be blocked by dust, the duration of the permeable period is more than 30 years!


(3) Anti-clogging: benevolent permeable water permeable principle is “damage to the surface tension of water”, the brick surface is very dense, micron-level water, and very easy to clean.




(4) Anti-freeze-thaw: A brick body capillary, small, water into a small volume of ice, high dispersion, expansion is small, so the brick is not easy to be frozen


B. Add a special binder, so that brick toughness is good.

C. Brick within the capillary evenly distributed, a single pore diameter is small, no stress concentration.




(5) Anti-stress: Ren Chong water brick can withstand less than 100 tons of weight.

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