Vision Exam

1 month ago

Vision Exam

As the main competitor of Luxottica, Safilo Group is the world's second largest eyewear company who also focuses on producing European eyeglass frames. Headquartered in Padova Italy, Safilo company now makes sunglasses and eyeglass frames. It business range is quite similar to Luxottica. Notable brands kept by Safilo include Safilo, Carrera, Oxydo and Smith Optics.

The company also produces eyeglasses under licensed brands such as Dior, Gucci and Jimmy Choo and so on. In addition to these two great companies, there are still many other corporations in Europe developing European eyeglass frames under different brands. Cazal eyeglasses made in Germany were first introduced in the early 1980s and became a popular enjoyment by countless entertainers and athletes. European eyeglass frames are also available in some less well known names, like Giorgio Armani, Grotesque, Lafont, Mykita, Okki etc.

There is a trick that easily answers this question. You should place the lens on your finger so the lens forms a cup. Look at the lens directly in front of you so you are looking at its side. A lens that forms a "U" with the top edges out means the lens is inside-out. A lens that forms a regular looking "U" is in the correct position. A lens inserted onto your eye in the wrong position will not cause any damage to your eye but you will be able to tell immediately that something is wrong.

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