Top 10 Wedding Photos You Can’t Unsee Before : Trends

6 months ago

Top 10 Wedding Photos You Can’t Unsee Before : Trends

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of those memories you look upon fondly. However, if you have any of these photos in your wedding album you may be regretting a few things. Some of these photos are funny and awkward on purpose, while others are just simply tragic.

Some of these photos will make you laugh, some of them might make you cry, and hopefully all of them teach you a lesson when it comes to your wedding day (or which photos you should be removing from your albums as soon as you’re done looking through this hilarious list).

Bum Wedding

This photo really looks staged, especially since the bum with the black eye appears to be smiling. Maybe it’s even photo-shopped. If it’s real hopefully the couple requested a refund!

Who Needs Traditional Photos?

Photo booths are becoming more and more popular these days, but with naughty photos like this one some people may want to skip them when it comes to wedding photos.

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