Token Development: why you should have one

5 months ago

Token Development: why you should have one

Crypto economics matter. In 2018, this giant economy had a market cap of 800 billion dollars and it seems like it won’t stop growing. But why developing a token can be important for your business?

Well, with the right strategy a token can be a fundamental part of an enterprise ecosystem, helping to make the brand more popular and even valuable.

Is very usual to see apps that offer some kind of coin or points for users when they do some purchase ou any type of transaction, right? Usually this points or coins can be used as a form of discount and, once the payment is done, there is no more “bonus”.


Token Development Services

Although is a great way of incentive users to buy or use the app, it doesn’t offer any benefit for them to keep these coins. But if you convert the coins into a token, that can be tradable at some point, is easier to encourage people to hold in into the app and increase its value and, as a consequence, increase your brand value.

Building your own token is also a great opportunity to introduce your business to the blockchain world. Will help you understand how the technology works and can also help you to make an easy and full transition to distributed ledger systems in the future.

If you like the idea and wants to invest in the Token Development, Blockchain App Factory is the right company to help you in this journey. We offer end-to-end blockchain solution for your business.

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