Tips & Tricks To Improve Google Ranking

2 months ago

Tips & Tricks To Improve Google Ranking

It's not always about money, to improve your Google rank you have to have the right strategy. A responsive & user-friendly web design in Mississauga isn't enough. If there is no lead generation, you'll be pushed in the dark abyss that is far from the first page of Google.The good news is it is easy to increase the rank of your website but you need to have patience.

•    High-quality Content- As Google pushes new algorithm every now and then, it is important to update your website more often. To drive more traffic, you'll need to increase the popularity of your website. To do so, you'll need to put relevant and high-quality content. This way your visitors will return again and again for the information you provide. Also, keep in mind the keywords associated to your industry. Repeat these phrases throughout your page but never sacrifice your content for SEO. Always strike a balance with content and keyword phrases.

•    Increase the loading speed- Slow loading sites are downright annoying and your users will be tempted to skip your site to move towards one of your competitor's without thinking twice. Google will lower your rank if it takes forever for your site to load. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, the abandonment rate increases by 40%. A fast loading website will increase the users as well as help in ranking your website higher.

•    Build links- Building links indicates that your site is authoritative and this helps in increasing your rank on Google. There are two types of link building: Structured Citations and Unstructured Citations.

Structured Citations: This means that your business is listed in online directory. Structured Citation is the best way to increase your site's exposure and domain authority. Make sure you are consistent with the formatting.

Unstructured Citations: This includes classified ads, press release etc. Through these links Google can find about your business. For Unstructured Citations you can:Get ReviewsSubmit Press ReleasesUse LinkedIn.   Use Blogs

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