Tips to Quickly Pass Through the Airport Security!

2 months ago

Tips to Quickly Pass Through the Airport Security!

All of us must have been stopped at least once or more at airport security for carrying something that is not allowed in the hand luggage. To avoid the trouble of being held up at the airport security, we will be sharing few useful tips with you to ensure easy passage through the airport security for your next travel.

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  1. You must be aware of the quantity of liquid that is allowed to take through the airport security. All liquids must be presented in a clear seal bag and not more than 100 ml. You are allowed to take the liquid that is medically essential or your baby milk, without any limit restriction.
  2. Corkscrew, scissor or a cigarette lighter is among the things that are being prohibited in your hand luggage, but you can pack it in your check-in luggage.
  3. Poisons and flammable liquids are highly dangerous and are banned to carry during your travel
  4. If you purchase any bottled drink, perfume and cosmetic in sizes more than 100 ml, after security check, you can take them on the plane without any issue.

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