The Ultimate Guide to employee Offboarding with Exit Interviews

1 month ago

The Ultimate Guide to employee Offboarding with Exit Interviews

Do you know what could have been done to retain a departing employee in your company?

What is an exit interview?

An exit interview is conducted when an employee is leaving a company after his resignation has been accepted or has completed a project assigned to him/her. An exit interview is conducted in order to maintain the top talent employees in Payroll software organization. Exit interview software has been developed in order to maintain the actual reason for leaving.

How are exit interviews conducted?

There are many ways in which an exit interview can be conducted each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. In-Person exit interview

In-person exit interview, an HRMS Software representative meets each terminating employees.


Provides information regarding benefits.Retrieve the company’s property during the interview.


An employee cannot share negative information.Can be too time-consuming.

2. Telephone exit interview

Telephone exit interview is conducted over the phone by HR or third-party consultant.


Get more information on each question.Enter data in the tracking system while conducting the interview.


Can be time-consuming.Expensive in the third party is involved.

3. Paper and Pencil exit interviews

Paper and Pencil exit interview is conducted by a form given to an employee on his last day or a mail of that form is sent to an employee.


Takes less time to provide a form than In-Person or Pen and Pencil exit interview.Can share the sensitive information that cannot be shared in person.


Difficult and time-consuming to track data from the paper and pencil forms.

4. Online exit interviews

An online exit interview is conducted through a web interface.


Information can be easily compiled and tracked.Reports available with a click of a button.


Can be conducted only if the employee has internet access.May or may not have sufficient technical knowledge.


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