The tolerance of steel column installation height II

19 days ago

The tolerance of steel column installation height II

The height dimension or relative position (±) of the steel column after installation is out of tolerance, so that the total height of each column and the height deviation value at the calf leg are inconsistent.

The reasons are:

The base elevation is incorrect or biased.

The length dimension of the steel column production stage is out of tolerance.

Or when the basic elevation is adjusted and processed during installation, it is not combined with the actual length (height) of the steel column, which will cause a positive or negative tolerance for the height or height of the steel column after installation.

Due to the ultra-difference, the components connected to it are difficult to install and adjust, and the correction is very difficult, time-consuming and labor-intensive.


(1) When the foundation is constructed, the elevation of the elevation should be strictly controlled to ensure the accuracy of the elevation. For the surface elevation of the foundation, the actual length of the steel column or the elevation of the horn support surface should be adjusted to make the height and elevation of the steel column consistent after installation.


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