The Best HR and Payroll Software Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement

1 month ago

The Best HR and Payroll Software Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement

Payroll is a process to calculate the salary of employees of an organization. Payroll Software can run daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly depending on the salary cycles of the organization. 

Let us understand how profitability can be increased with HR and Payroll software by considering some of the day to day scenarios….

Scenario 1: Rohan, HR of an organization, consumes much of his time on a new employee.

  • Maintain employee’s all information in HRMS platform
  • Generate all types of forms and letters with pre-filled employee data

Scenario 2: Rajesh comes late in the ABC office and works more hours to complete his work. But many times he is not getting overtime so he feels dissatisfied. 

  • Can define your own organization’s attendance policy
  • Can establish a proper work environment and maintain discipline with the formal attendance policy.

Scenario 3: Rajiv, a salesperson, regularly goes on field or client side without reporting at the office. 

  • Track employees attendance with GPS location
  • Track where and when employees are meeting with clients

Scenario 4: Rajan, an employee of your organization, comes to you with leave request when you are in meeting with your prospective client. 

  • Define leave policy as per your organization
  • Decentralize decision making

Scenario 5: Rakesh, an employee, feels discouraged because he is not getting his salary on time. 

  • auto generate and download payslips
  • accurate and error-free calculation

Scenario 6: You received notice from PF inspector that this week he is coming for inspection in your organization. 

  • All required data can be maintained in the system
  • Required data can be extracted from the system anytime

Scenario 7: Ramesh, a marketing person, came to you with unplanned expense he has done during his recent client visit. 

  • provide flexibility to easily and quickly submit expenses via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • control expense with policy enforcement

Scenario 8: Rahul, an accountant, comes to you with a demand to increase his salary or else he will leave the organization. 

  • you can have a formal appraisal process so employee knows how they will be evaluated
  • employees will be evaluated based on objective measures like KRA and KPI

These scenarios would be more enough to explain to you how HR and Payroll management software can increase the profitability of your company!!

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