The Advantage Of Marble Floors Over Other Flooring

7 months ago

The Advantage Of Marble Floors Over Other Flooring

Marble floors are shiny which provides a long-lasting lifespan and durability if compared with the other ceramic or carpeted floors. These marble floors are often referred to be an impressive material used at the residence place. It increases the value and the overall standard of the place of a dwelling because of the sophisticated look.

Marble flooring is needed to be taken a lot of care so that the tiles do not get stained or eroded. A bit of negligence in the care and maintenance shall result in the change of the appearance of the floor and make it look dirty. A proper care and cleaning at regular intervals are very much necessary to retain the sparkle and the beauty.

The Necessity Of Maintaining Marble Floors

Marble floors start to wear off the moment we start walking over it with our shoes on. The small particles of dust and pollutants start creating multiple scratches on the surface of the marble. The wear and tear on the surface of the marble floor are often referred to as marble etching.

This is explained as the reaction of the citrus substance with the calcium carbonate substance of the marble. These are basically not the stains but they are referred to as a form of scratch leading to the process of dulling the tiles and discoloration.

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