TEFL Jobs Abroad - The 5 Best destinations

1 month ago

TEFL Jobs Abroad - The 5 Best destinations

TEFL Jobs Abroad 

TEFL Jobs Abroad - The 5 Best destinations

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There are all kinds of unique and interesting careers to be found, but there’s none that can quite match the adventure and excitement of that of a TEFL teacher. TEFL teachers travel abroad to all kinds of wild and interesting countries teaching English to both children and adults. The decision to become a TEFL teacher may be easy for some but even after deciding it’s the right career choice, one can be faced with an even bigger dilemma; what country do I teach in? Many countries offer TEFL jobs abroad and choosing between them all can be daunting. Beach or mountains? Hot or temperate? Asia or South America? The list goes on. Here is a list of some of the best countries one can choose to teach TEFL abroad that will (hopefully) make the choice a little easier.

5) Spain

Ah, Spain, the home of fearless matadors, graceful flamenco dancers, red wine and the siesta. A place where the nights are long and the days go slow. For many TEFL teachers looking for jobs abroad, Spain has an immense appeal and it’s not hard to see why. Known for it’s warm and forgiving climate year-round, beautiful beaches and historic architecture, Spain is a great place to begin your TEFL adventures abroad. Attracting millions of tourists a year, it’s no surprise that people are aching to settle down and live there for a little longer than the average two weeks. Luckily for aspiring TEFL teachers, Spain has the highest demand for TEFL teachers in all of Europe. While it is especially easy for TEFL teachers that already have an EU passport, there are a few programs in place that will help North American teachers to get the correct visa to teach in Spain as well. While the average salary is not as attractive as many Asian countries, it’s still very livable and one can have a pretty good standard of living as a TEFL teacher there.

4) China

With the world’s largest population and an economy that’s booming out of control, there’s never a dull moment in China. Whether you prefer the city or the country, the mountains or the sea, China has you covered. China is a vast country that varies wildly from region to region which gives a lot of options to TEFL teachers aspiring to land jobs abroad in China. China is also known by TEFL teachers living abroad to be a bit of a “wildcard” country.

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