2 months ago


Contrary to popular belief, kilts are not garments that are only available in traditional Scottish tartan form, and aren’t only restricted for wear by men. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we strive to bring men and women alike the opportunity to wear stylish kilt-inspired clothing, including skirts. The Stylish Denim Tartan Skirt is a combination of classic Scottish tartan fabric and modern denim, giving women everywhere the chance to represent their Scottish heritage while also wearing a feminine skirt they feel stylish in. 

The Stylish Denim Tartan Skirt features a denim body that comes in your choice of light or dark denim with pleats on the side. These pleats open up to expose a peek at the tartan fabric that is underneath it, adding plenty of color to your look. It also features laces in the front and on the side to help modernize it even further. You can choose your preferred tartan style and colors as well as the kind of lace you like to make it completely your own. Send in your hip and waist sizes as well as your preferred kilt length and fell measurement to ensure that your new skirt will fit you perfectly.

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