Stay Healthy by Eating Salmon

5 months ago

Stay Healthy by Eating Salmon

They are sociopaths who will do anything TestMax Nutrition Review to undermine you. Moral of the story? This talk is all about them, not about you, so don't take any notice of them. When you choose to eat, you eat to feed your body not theirs. When you choose to eat healthy foods you are choosing for your greatest good, not theirs. When you choose to eat less-than-healthy foods make that a conscious choice for you (unconscious eating has a habit of being unhealthy) at that time.

If you make conscious food choices and enjoy the food you eat, that's a better strategy than not inviting yourself to the feast. Eating nothing in front of other people or toying with a plate of lettuce in an effort to look 'healthy' will only make you go home feeling deprived. And then it's easy to justify lots of late night 'snacks' or a whole tub of frozen comfort food!

Meet a New Friend: Live yogurt, also known as probiotics, contain living bacteria that are 'friendly' in that they assist the digestive system, enabling it to resist tendencies towards obesity and diabetes as well as making it a more efficient system. These little mighty little mites are so chatty in fact, that lead researcher, Dr Nicholson From the Imperial College London found that when live yogurt is drunk "the live bacteria 'talked' to the gut microbes," effectively changing their make up.

Stand up for Your Mates: If you befriend the yoghurt bug, you may even find that he likes to defend his friends, and has a strong artillery store, including the ability to stimulate the immune system and kill bad "bugs" or bacteria in the human gut. Research at the University of California showed that eating live-culture yoghurt was associated with higher-than-average levels of gamma interferon, a key component of the body's immune system.

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