Start the Strong Online Services with Search Engine Script

7 months ago

Start the Strong Online Services with Search Engine Script

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Getting started your own private search engine with our most powerful search engine script on the marketplace. PHP Search Engine Scripts are ideal for this purpose as it allows user to search for sites, videos, images, blogs, news, forums, and much more. This Search Engines Script is the best tool for adding a search facility and with functionality used. It comes with live pagination and is compatible across browsers and devices.


Clone Daddy Search Engine comes with 10 engines as standard. Search specifically for images, videos, news and many more using each engine. These should fulfill most requirements but if you have a target market with a niche audience that need a custom engine then you may create it easily. It is loaded with extra features that match industry giants. Adult filtering, cloud tags, social logins, arithmetic conversions, keyword suggestions, seasonal logos and many more. Enjoy multiple advantages of the most popular Search Engine script on the market.


If you would like to give a Google, Bing or other popular website appearance to your website, so your visitors feel more at home, you can buy the add-on that’s available with Clone Daddy Search Engine, that changes its appearance to the popular websites. Now it looks and performs like a Standard popular Search Engine Script.


Clone Daddy is customized clone script Development Company where you can find the best clone scripts of popular websites/application at the low-price for various industries. Our expert team is developing clone scripts by to different industries like On Demand, Travel & Accommodation, Social, Fintech, Education, and Online Services etc…



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