SERVOCARE – A Supreme Safety Support for Power Spaces

4 months ago

SERVOCARE – A Supreme Safety Support for Power Spaces

SERVOCARE is the ultimate Indian brand offering the best air, water, and power solutions by Servomax Limited. It stands as a great anchor providing extreme safety, health, and energy assurance through its standard services. Powered by reliable national and international standards, it has a huge space for quality. It offers better elegant, protected, and germ-free air and water spaces through its spectacular products of purifiers, sterilizers, filters, etc.

However, #Servomax_Limited is also exclusively specialized in assuring outstanding safety support for power spaces. It offers 20+ products including power-savers and power-conditioners.

SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited

#SERVOCARE is the popular distinctive label for power-based products and services. It is operated by Servomax Limited. This esteemed brand has a great worldwide presence – it extensively supports the manufacture, distribution, supply, and service of power appliances.

Efficient power supply and utilization are essential everywhere. So, Servocare is here to help diversified customers including –

  • Industries
  • Government
  • Residences
  • Commercial Complexes

Servocare Solutions – The Substantial Provisions of Power-Savers and Power-Conditioners

Servocare by Servomax Limited effectively provides substantial power-based products and services. It offers the best power-saving and power-conditioning products across Pan India and abroad. Its outstanding product portfolio includes -

  • #Transformers – Servomax Limited is one of the top transformer manufacturing companies in Hyderabad. It manufactures, supplies, and exports reliable and standard units.
  • #Stabilizers – Servocare’s stabilizers are always special – they allow substantial stabilized voltage to the equipment ensuring safety and security.
  • Control Panels – Servomax Limited especially supplies Automatic Power Factor Control Panels (APFC Panels) to its clients through the Servocare brand.
  • UPS – Servocare offers online UPS systems – they are designed, manufactured, and supplied as per the customers’ desires and specifications. They especially have a significant place in data centers, IT sectors, and telecommunication industries.


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