SEO Trends

6 months ago

SEO Trends

SEO refers to search engine optimization which means making a website search engine friendly to increase more organic traffic that helps in higher rank on Google. Here are the top SEO trends that you need to follow -

  1. Mobile indexing – Most of the adult population nowadays use smartphones for online searches. Mobile indexing means you need a responsive design website that helps you rank up on the search engines.
  1. Have a secure website – Every business website should must SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Having HTTPS protocol on your website is a must for SEO as it makes the site safe for every visitor. HTTP is not considered as safe as it is prone to cyber attacks.
  1. Voice search – It is becoming popular among teenage and young adults as with the in case of smartphones, they prefer speaking queries than actually trying it. Voice searches are more convenient. So you need to make your website optimised for voice search.
  1. Visual Content – With the internet becoming visually oriented as it makes more impact on the viewers than text content. To make your website SEO friendly you can add images, videos, gifs, animations, etc other than text.
  1. Link Building - Links are signal for Google that your website has quality content and is worthy of citation. It is the method of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own. There are many techniques used for link building. High-quality link building is necessary to get your website a higher Google rank and put you ahead of all your competitors.

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