Safe Tips That HPV Singles Should Consider Before Initiating HPV Dating?

7 months ago

Safe Tips That HPV Singles Should Consider Before Initiating HPV Dating?


Many HPV singles think that dating with HPV is something that is impossible. Living with HPV doesn’t have to be like that though. A number of HPV dating sites have popped up around the internet to help with that. Further, going on real dates and having sex isn’t impossible. You just need to be safe, let’s take a look at some safety tips for HPV singles dating.

Be Comfortable With Your Status

You don’t have to be happy with having HPV but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable with it. Learning to accept that you have HPV is a big step in life. One that can change your whole dating life.

By being comfortable with living with HPV it is a lot easier to talk about and talking about your status is important. HPV is one of the most commonly transmitted STIs. Being aware, comfortable, and safe is one of the best ways to prevent it from spreading.

Educate Yourself About HPV

In order to be comfortable and confident when you have HPV it is important that you learn about the virus. The more that you know about what it is and how it spreads, the easier it is to prevent the spread. Additionally, it helps to keep your partner(s) protected from getting the disease.




Have Your Partner Get Vaccinated

If you have a partner that you are thinking about getting sexual with, ask them to get vaccinated. By getting the vaccination, the chances of them getting the virus is reduced. It is important that you still take other safety measures such as wearing protection. HPV in your partner could cause illness, warts, and cancer. Even in men.


At first HPV dating may seem overwhelming. It certainly can be. But the sooner your start thinking about it and realizing that it is still possible to have a normal dating life while living with HPV, the easier it will get. HPV is not a death sentence but it can have serious side affects in some people so preventing the spread is important.

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