Returning RuneScape game following a long hiatus

2 months ago

Returning RuneScape game following a long hiatus

"With this achievement, we have continued to boost investment amounts to expand our matches, in addition to bringing in a slate of hugely talented people to join us in progress, publishing and technology." John Burns, the senior vice president of publishing for Jagex, added:"Some of initiatives really hit the mark for all of us at 2018, and we'll be using all our learnings from these types of actions to deliver much more this year."Our continuing commitment to delivering bigger and better content starts this week with the first of three significant buy OSRS gold content upgrades, Kebos Lowlands, we continue to work on creating RuneScape on cellular and a number of other exciting programs are in the works. "Coupled with the strides we are making with Jagex Partners, 2019 looks set to be another fantastic year for the company."Tell us a bit about the company.Jagex is that the inventor of the RuneScape living sport, now celebrating its 18th year, and Old School RuneScape, which recently expanded onto cellular, where it has been featured several times worldwide. RuneScape has generated over £1bn while amusing tens of millions of lovers.I work to ensure that our players are well served with capabilities that are new and content. I am a major fan of the chance PC and greatly help expand our games on to new platforms and cellular cross play supplies. I drive new product growth, both internally and with external partners. At the conclusion of the day, it's my job to create an environment where the teams I work with have the very best chance at success and happiness every single moment.And being in a market where if your mind is open you can learn a new thing every day is outside stimulating.It is a hard business but perseverance is well served. Build a design portfolio out if you are a designer. Use mod tools. Make amounts. Create art, if you are an artist. Write code, if you are an engineer. Having real world samples which reveal your ability to translate your skill to something meaningful for games is filled with win and will get you noticed.

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