Residential Projects in Delhi NCR: Advancement in Residential Projects in the Capital

10 months ago

Residential Projects in Delhi NCR: Advancement in Residential Projects in the Capital

Areas of Residential Projects: There are a number of areas where residential projects are coming up namely Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. With the expressway and toll roads leading to Gurgaon and Greater Noida connectivity has been made better. As there is lot of empty space in these areas people have started making penthouses along with flats.

Commercial places have also started coming up. The residents have started investing in office spaces apart from flats. These places are leased and have become means of regular income. They are also good ventures for business. However there are handful number of people in this category. Major impetus still lies in residential projects in Delhi NCR.

Brief overview of Residential Projects: The residential projects pertaining to government like DDA have only 2/3 bedroom flats. The construction of these projects is yet to meet world standards in terms of seismic shocks, fire and other natural hazards. Also the space limitation exists and facilities like stadium, parks and medical are either lacking or do not exist. Private builders around NCR have started procuring land and started many Residential Projects in Delhi NCR.

The land is planned with space for above specified facilities and skyscrapers have been constructed. There is an earmarked area for parking and at least one space is kept for a flat. The flats are either two or three or four bedroom apartments with attached toilets with every bedroom. Penthouses have also been incorporated in these projects. 

Preferences of majority for first buy: Majority of the people while buying for the first time prefer two bedroom apartment as it is easy to buy as well as sell. Due to higher cost comparatively the others are preferred by upper middle class and rich class. Later on, they upgrade to three bedroom apartment by selling the first one or renting it out. There are innumerable number of projects in Delhi NCR and at times it might be confusing to choose amidst the location, design and other parameters.

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