Required Document For Digital Power Of Attorney

2 months ago

Required Document For Digital Power Of Attorney


Power of attorney is a legal document that gives a person the power to act on behalf of another person. The person receiving the power of attorney has the broad/limited legal authority to take certain decisions on the first person behalf. The Ethiopian law requires that the receiver be based out of Ethiopia to undertake important activities like establishing a business in Ethiopia, settling family affairs, retire, manage medical emergencies or just investing money in Ethiopia on the first person's behalf.  All such activities require a power of attorney to be executed. Now with this revolutionary digital POA, a person can get the digital power of attorney made in just fifteen minutes as compared to the earlier 30 days.            

In order to execute the digital POA, the person simply needs any one of the following documents:

  • Driving Licence
  • Green Card
  • State ID
  • Ethiopian Origin ID (Yellow ID) or a
  • Military ID

If the first person has any one of the above document, all he/she needs to do is

  • Create an account.
  • Choose the language of communication (English / Amharic)
  • Execute the digital POA using a specially created platform.
  • Validate and sign the application at the Ethiopian embassy.
  • Upload supporting ID and
  • Start making the payments.

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