PRP Hair Treatment in Jaipur

Taking care of hair is equally important as much as skincare. PRP hair treatment is a therapy which activates the natural growth of hair. This therapy is a three-step procedure wherein in the very first step, the patient’s blood is extracted, plasma is obtained and processed, and later injected into the target area of the scalp. PRP hair treatment in Jaipur is available at Punarnawah Laser & Aesthetic Centre. The PRP treatment cost in Jaipur can differ from patient to patient and determined according to the stage of hair loss of a patient and the number of sessions required. The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair treatment is painless, and the procedure provides with minimum to no discomfort. To know more about PRP treatment in Jaipur, contact Dr. Geraldine Jain at Punarnawah, Jaipur.

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