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7 months ago

Privacy policy - Roku

Our privacy policy is all about the methods that we follow to collect secure and store the data that is collected from the users, we follow various methods to collect the required information from the customers.

 How do we collect data?

The data or information that we collect involves the users and customers of Rokustickactivation where their personal and private information regarding the usage of Roku link activation or Roku activation code are collected, general methods we follow to collect data is by email, chat or call.

We resolve the issues faced while setting up the Roku account like where to enter the Roku activation code? How to get Roku activation link, and what is the process of Roku link code activation? In order to solve the Roku error codes faced by our customers.

The information may include name, email-ID, credit card details, phone number and other details of the user, the service plans are collected from the customers to activate the service required information.


The rules and regulations that are executed are only to prevent the misuse of the data or information, the data will be completely handed over to the authorities and Rokustickactivation do not share the information without the prior consent of the customers.

 What information do we collect?

Rokustickactivation collects the information from you when you register on our site or place an order, or try to solve your problems regarding Roku activation code you are asked to fill a form and your details will get recorded.

When people visit our site, they register or order as appropriate you are asked to fill the basic details like name, email address, phone number or credit card information, if you wanted to get Roku activation code for Roku account setup.

 Do we disclose information?

Rokustickactivation will never disclose any information to the third-party authentication, as we do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to the outside people your personal information shared with us.


 Contact us:

If you are having any of the questions regarding our terms and conditions or privacy policies feel free to contact us, you can find our contact on this website or you may contact to our toll-free number.


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