Prevent your child from cyber bullying

4 months ago

Prevent your child from cyber bullying

In a world of immediacy and contact without interruption in social networks, cases of cyber bullying have quickly jumped from offline to online. Given this context, it is convenient to take into account the preventive measures that we can take to prevent a conversation, an email, a publication on networks. Or any other form of online interaction from becoming a case of cyberbullying. Take advantage of the blocking function, since it is possible to prohibit access to those users who send inappropriate or strange messages before the situation worsens and becomes a case of cyberbullying.

Even so, it is convenient not to eliminate comments or conversations that have already taken place, in order to gather evidence if it is later decided that the case should be reported.

You should not respond to any sexting unless it is to inform you that what you are doing can be considered a crime. In any case, before replicating the behavior of the harasser in response, it is best to consult a legal expert about what is the appropriate way to deal with the situation.

Caring for one's online activity is essential for bullying prevention. The ways to achieve it are many and diverse, so the recommendation is to implement as many as possible as well as choose those that best fit with each one.

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