Pond Maintenance is easier with the right tools!!

29 days ago

Pond Maintenance is easier with the right tools!!

Now that we are well into summer and the weather continues to heat up, and oxygen in your pond or lake is becoming more deleted. This condition can cause algae and other aquatic weeds to take over. Here are 6 weed control tools that can make the job easier and keep this problem in check.


Aquatic Weed Eradicator:

This is a cutting rake for pond and lake weeds. The rust proof serrated blade is 28" long and 11' long pole allows for easy reach and cutting weeds at the lake bottom. Disassembles for easy storage.


Beachroller Weed Eliminator:

The Beachroller is a simple tool that eliminates weeds at the roots. It is the only manual weed cutting tool that gets to the weeds at the lake bottom. The beachroller cuts and then pulls the weeds up from the lake bottom. The beachroller is 2' wide and comes with 6 different blades that connect to a 15' handle.



Lake Rake:

This great tool is 3' wide and is used to skim algae and all floating debris from the pond or lake. This rake comes with a detachable float, 11' handle and 50' of rope for pulling it in. 


Weed Raker:

The weed raker is a multipurpose tool. It rakes up weeds at the lake bottom, floating debris and also debris and weeds on the shore. The teeth on this rake are 8" long and can pull roots and stems from the bottom. 


Weed Razor:

The Weed Razor tool has a unique design. You can throw it from the dock, boat or shore, allow it to sink, and cut a 48" section and haul it in. Comes with a 9' handle and 25' rope, and a sharpener to keep the blades sharp and ready to cut.


Pond Aerator

Pond Aerator:

Last but definetly not least is the pond aerator. Why? Because it is the most important tool in weed control. Weeds grow in stagnant water and a pond aerator will move and aerate the water, reducing the growth of these unwated weeds.


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