Overview Of The Technique Of Marble Restoration

7 months ago

Overview Of The Technique Of Marble Restoration

Using a natural stone in the interior of the home is an investment which needs to be taken care of the course of time. Timely taking care of the marble stones helps to restore the gorgeous look of the marble floor and retains its beauty. This process is referred to as marble restoration.

Steps for the process of Marble Restoration Process

The marble restoration process is typically based on the four-step restoration process as mentioned. Step 1: Grinding

This is the most important and the most dynamic step which is often referred to as the slippage removal process or flattening process which removes all the ledges, roughness by bringing flatness to the marble floors. This method removes the roughness from the upper or lower layer of the tiles by removing the deepest scratches and stains.

Step 2: Honing

It is the process of floor restoration which provides smoothing to the marble floor with the help of industrial diamond. This brings up more shine to the marble surface by removing scratches and stains. This step gives a more uniform appearance making it more spectacular.

Step 3: Polishing

This method gives a semi-shining texture to the marble floor. This method is done with the help of industrial diamonds but with a smaller graded than the honing process. A good polishing is enough to bring back the shine and the texture of the marble floor which is in good condition.

Step 4: Buffing or Crystallization

This method is a method of finishing up the marble floor. It brings the ‘mirror-like’ shine with the use of chemicals on the surface of the marble floor. The method of crystallization also creates a microfilm on the surface of the marble which is more solid and durable. It also helps in preserving the colour and the brightness of the marble. This method is very effective for the regular maintenance of the floor.


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