Onboard IT Tech is offering professional home automation installation services in Los Angeles

7 months ago

Onboard IT Tech is offering professional home automation installation services in Los Angeles

California, USA (May 09, 2019) – The 21st century is regarded as the golden age of technological development, all of which are aimed at making the lives of people easier and convenient. While smart phones were one of the significant technological advancements of the 2000s, a next big step in 2010s, is the development of home automation technology or smart homes. Until recently, the idea of home automation was moderately new to the vast majority. However, as more products and technologies become all the more easily accessible, homeowners across the US are upgrading their homes. Home automation puts control of essential home systems and appliances under the control of the homeowner and gives access from a remote point, like a smart phone application, or at a centralized unit inside the residence. For instance, the home’s sound speakers, pool, thermostat, security system, irrigation, home management. Renowned Home Automation Company Onboard IT Tech has been among the top choices of the people in Los Angeles for home automation installation services for a long time now.

As a Low Voltage Company, Onboard IT Tech also provides installation services for security cameras, home theaters, network systems, intercom systems, and others. The company is known for customizing their services to meet the requirements of clients. They assess and recommend all the options to their clients to help them decide what is best for their home or business. More information about Onboard IT Tech can be found on https://www.onboardittech.com.

About Onboard IT Tech:Onboard IT Tech is one of the pioneers in home automation installation and offers a range of low voltage installation services in various parts of Los Angeles. Even after providing their service, the company sticks with their clients in case any issues crop up or further help is required.

Media Contact:Company Name – ONBOARD IT TECH INC – SMART HOME INSTALLATIONOwner Name – Samuel LevyPhone – (818) 564-3496Address: Location 1: 12207 Chandler BlvdValley Village, CA 91607Location 2: Ortiz Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94089Email: info@onboardittech.comPhone: (669) 777-3107License#1039864


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