Offering Thermography Inspection Will Help you to Pin-Point the Leak Less than an Hour!

5 months ago

Offering Thermography Inspection Will Help you to Pin-Point the Leak Less than an Hour!

Digital Thermal Power is specializing Leak Detection in Thermography Inspection can quickly detect the warmer, high mass areas, during the process of the cooling process or heat dissipation from the roof. It is a drastically an ideal way to quickly detect any trapped moisture location which can lead to significant problems in your facility.

Water Leak Detection

We can manage to detect damages, find the faulty part in no time and leaks through first-hand inspection, with our innovative tools of water leak detector and powerful team. We can provide you detailed and comprehensive report that you can use for repairing the damages for your facility. Old structures are not only subject to a risk of leaks and cracks due to the weathering of mortar but can also develop crevices through the seeping moisture over the years. A traditional leak detection system helps find and repair these leaks and cracks in walls, buildings, pools, and pipelines.

Benefits of Identifying Water Leak as early as now: 

  • Property damaged is reduced
  • Reduction in liability
  • Pinpoint Instantly your humid area
  • Establish the repair priorities based on our report classification

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leak is very hazardous substance that is invisible to our naked eye or we can’t easily smell. Most leaks can be visually detected from ground level, so overhead leaks that is not been overlook. We are visually detecting gas emissions in the air of buildings or other areas.

We have an advanced and beneficial thermal camera to detect chemical leak or harmful gases around the area. Thermography Inspection will help you to locate and identify the potential problems to avoid a severe damage of the facility or it can harm to individual. Gas leak detection can also identify the following:

Helium Leak Detection

Helium is usually difficult sometimes to determine by doing Thermography Inspection can

identify small leaks.  It is non-toxic, inert, non-condensable, non-flammable.


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