New Range of Slimmer Car GPS from Garmin

5 months ago

New Range of Slimmer Car GPS from Garmin

A division of the Garmin Ltd., Garmin International Inc. has been the global leader among the GPS service providers. The launch of the nuvi series has certainly added new feather in their cap. Its unique navigation service is mainly the result of the incorporation of CityXplorer maps Autel MaxiCOM MK908Pro. However, the service is optional and the user can download the maps of the select places to the device.

While inaugurating the new range of the GPS in CeBIT in Hanover, Dan Bartel, the Vice President for Sales of Garmin, said that the new range would assist the users even when they are traveling in public transport and foot autel mx808 features. According to him, the devices cater to the exact needs of the users. In fact, the portability has added value to the product. Certainly, the PND or the personal navigation device has never been so personal before. The slim profile and light weight of these new Garmin GPS devices will help users carry it around more comfortably. This is an important feature that is likely to contribute to the popularity of the device.


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