Need To Know About Payment Gateway Integration in Flutter

2 months ago

Need To Know About Payment Gateway Integration in Flutter

If you need an application that has a secure payment flow in your website and you don’t want to implement the same payment functionality for mobile view or an app that can display a web page without opening a device’s browser than all you need is a cool plugin by flutter that allows to incorporate with web views into flutter app that makes all the functionalities possible.

As flutter web view plugin is just like any other widget that can easily incorporate the web view plugin into the app and makes it extremely simple.

WebView(initialUrl: ‘‘)

With javascriptMode parameter you can enable or disable JavaScript in your web view as webview is default disable hence to enable user need to construct webview like:

WebView(initialUrl: ‘’,javascriptMode: JavascriptMode.unrestricted,)

A bit of coding is required to integrate payment gateway into flutter app and it’s done.

Once the payment gets success it redirects to Thank You screen or anything that is set from the user’s end.

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