Natural Gem Stones and Their Meaning in Liz Wallace Jewelry

4 months ago

Natural Gem Stones and Their Meaning in Liz Wallace Jewelry

Liz Wallace is a Navajo artist who was reared in a family of silver and goldsmiths. She has a natural talent for making Native American jewelry and creating stunning heirloom pieces. Liz Wallace studied different techniques in jewelry making such as blacksmithing, raising, enameling, and advanced stone setting. She is also familiar with various jewelry making methods used around the world.


This artist’s pieces are uniquely captivating because they use turquoise to design insects, butterflies, flowers, and other aquatic animals. In the past, Liz Wallace jewelry only used natural turquoise. Today, you will now see other types of gemstones on her pins, bowls, earrings, and bracelets.

If you are a collector of Native American jewelry, then you probably already know what turquoise means. For Native Americans, this stone symbolizes various blessings such as the sky, water, good fortune, long life, and protection. But what do ruby, sapphire, and pearl in Native American jewelry mean?

  • Ruby - This beautiful gemstone is vividly red and is believed to have an energizing effect on the emotion of the owner. Aside from this, the ruby is also great for encouraging creativity and focus.
  • Sapphire - Blue is the most common sapphire color, although you can also find light blue to greenish-blue variations. Sapphire in Native American jewelry is said to help wearer improve his or her intuition and could also make one strong in the midst of struggles.
  • Pearl - Pearl is a symbol of integrity and purity. Combining it with other types of natural stones and metal (such as in Liz Wallace's Rose in the Ditch Bracelets) can create a beautiful contrast.

The two common ways to buy collectible Liz Wallace jewelry is to visit a jewelry store or attend some of the shows where she participates. Some of the best Native American jewelry retailers are present online, too.

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