MapleStory M: The Way to Get antiques

10 months ago

MapleStory M: The Way to Get antiques

Mode is similar to the second stage on steroids; you will follow the very same rules as the stage, but the soccer ball will be red, not blue. When he begins using teleport, jag-jump or suction away from him, or he will hit you with a wire jab. He'll put down a giant green apparatus, Maple M Mesos which will prevent you from leaping, beware of this move, especially if he turns out the display dark.If you haven't weakened Lotus by this point, he'll dash off display and the stage will go dark. During this moment, fear a lot and get prepared to move; he'll fire balls of electricity in the display that deal damage, but they do provide you a time. Try not to backtrack or you'll walk right into a single. Be ready to cure here since potions have a cooldown.Should you hit Runaway mode and die/run out of time, you'll get the opportunity to weaken Lotus (4 beams>3 beams, much weaker attacks, no dim screen on runaway, less debris, less wellbeing ) by messing with the electrical wires. Use that, it'll help, if you are really stuck.Maxed all traits in my Hero before RED maplestory m patch. Once, I thought maplestory m mesos store  functions on Gollux, but only him. I am going to need to test . I just do half damage on all finish game supervisors even with 10% elemental resistance from Insight, therefore I think this stat is bugged.And too, is the 10% elemental resistance discount 10 percent of the 50% damage reduction hence we bargain 45 percent less damage than normal boss OR we cope 40% less than normal boss? o.O

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