Malique Wilson and the Changing Tale of Syracuse, NY Youths

1 month ago

Malique Wilson and the Changing Tale of Syracuse, NY Youths

Syracuse is one of the many cities in the United State of New York with an approximated population of 142,749; one of which is Malique Wilson. Based on a recent economic ranking, Syracuse is one of the poorest cities in America and among those with the highest reported cases of gun violence; among Malique Wilson’s age group especially. Against these background odds stands a unique character, Malique Wilson, whose unflinching determination to succeed as a top athletes in the United States had lifted him beyond the violence around him. While relating the motivation behind his continued determination to succeed, Malique Wilson says “my collegiate goals and aspirations are to compete at an elite level as an athlete and to academically improve as a student”.

Malique Wilson is an 18 years old junior at Corcoran High School in Syracuse,Ny. He is an athlete of the1989 George O’Scanlon founded Down Under Sport. Having represented the Syracuse city school district and the city of Syracuse itself, Malique Wilson had also represented the New York state and the United States at the Down Under Sports game in Queensland, Australia. Malique had competed down under for individual honors and a team championship title. He set a new record while there and has won 1st place in the 100mHH. Malique however look forward to joining his outstanding Down Under Bowl contemporaries like Jake “The Snake” Plummer (Denver Broncos), Ahman Green (Green Bay Packers), Rob Morris (Indianapolis Colts), Dave Dixon (Minnesota Vikings), and Jesse Williams (Seattle Seahawks).

Malique is currently in the Inter baccalaureate curriculum. He has a dream to run in the Olympics in the near future. He currently set his mind to run in the New Balance Championship of 2020. Malique is among the few Syracuse youths with the positive mindset to live beyond their obstacle in a bid to change the existing negative narratives for which their community is known for. Malique can be contacted through his media link

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