Major Types of Academic Essays

6 months ago

Major Types of Academic Essays

If you are a student in a school or college, you cannot avoid writing an academic essay. It is an integral part of your coursework, even you have to write an essay at the time of your admission to in a college. However, despite knowing the significance of essay writing, many students feel it a burden because they have to handle multiple engagements in their studies. Moreover, the essays are of various classifications, and students feel difficulty to understand each of them, thus many of them try to buy essay from a professional writing service.  

            The five major types of essays are described below.

Reflective Essays

A reflective essay is a combination of mind and thoughts that ends up on a paper. When a thought comes into your mind, it creates some reflection. This reflection creates a scene on the paper. Generally, this scene is not tangible, means a reflective essay is based on abstract nature. The horizon of reflective essays is quite vast, therefore, in the broader perspective, you may say that a reflective essay can be a political, philosophical, domestic, religious, or social essay. While writing on a topic, you should elaborate on the significance of the topic, its current state, and impacts on society or the environment. You may also include great sayings of leaders, quotes from history, or any prose etc. to make your essay more effective.

Examples of reflective essays include the following: -

  • Democracy
  • Christianity
  • Right and wrong
  • Sincerity
  • Violence
  • Business
  • Poverty


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