Madhusudan Naidu -Madhusudan Naidu Muddenahalli

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Madhusudan Naidu -Madhusudan Naidu Muddenahalli


In this narration, Madhusudan Naidu cites the progress of the educational and hospital missions of Swami. When a concerned Narasimha Murthy puts forward his doubts regarding the pace of expansion, Swami replies to him with a counter question. He reassures Murthy by conveying the message the He Himself is the one who gets things done. Thus there is no need for anxiety. The devotees should realise that all things are done through Him and that He will thus see to it that everything goes on without hindrance.

Overwhelmed by the pace of the educational mission, Sri B N Narasimha Murthy submitted humbly to Swami, “Isn’t it advisable to do one new campus instead of four, as we also need to start a University in the coming academic year?”madhusudan Naidu

Swami looked at Him deeply and asked, “Are you doing it?”

“No, Swami, You are the one who is doing it?”, replied Sir.

“Then, what is your issue? I am the doer and not you, so just as one happened in a year, four also will happen.”madhusudan naidu

 Madhusudan Naidu

Madhusudan Naidu Muddenahalli


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