Letgo has beaten Craiglist in terms of getting a rise in the number of users

5 months ago

Letgo has beaten Craiglist in terms of getting a rise in the number of users

How does Letgo work?

Letgo is a website and application with online classifieds. It allows the users to buy and sell things online. The items can be used or unused. The user can list items on the application and communicate with buyers online. After finalizing a deal the seller can sell the item to them.

Let’s see how does Letgo work in detail.

How does the sign-up process work on Letgo?

While using Letgo, the first step after downloading the app is the signup process. The signup process is quite simple.


What are the features on Letgo?

Any application has features that make it user-friendly. There are several such features on Letgo. Let’s have a look at how these features help the user to sell products efficiently.

  • Home Screen: This screen shows the user the home screen of the application. Here the user has access to the popular product listings. One can also search for the products they want to buy or sell. It also has the app setting where the user can adjust the camera and location settings.
  • Categories: There is a categories icon on the menu bar. This organizes the product listings for the user in general categories. Some of these categories can be electronics, household, auto, and office. This bifurcation into several groups saves time and lets the user shop effectively.
  • Camera: When the user taps on this icon it redirects to the camera of the phone. Here they can click pictures of the products the user wishes to sell. While preparing the product list this is the icon where the user to set at the category and price of the product.

How does Letgo Make Money?


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