Let’s Fix your Bittrex Withdrawal issues & errors

26 days ago

Let’s Fix your Bittrex Withdrawal issues & errors

Whenever you try to withdraw coins from your Bittrex wallet, you may encounter issues while doing so. While making the withdrawal transactions, you might come up with seeing “Unauthorized” or “Invalid” messages. In this article, we will be discussing certain withdrawal error codes and reasons behind their occurrence.

Common bittrex withdrawal issues faced by users
  • Withdrawal address- sometimes, a user enters an invalid address in the “withdrawal address” field which makes him unable to complete the transaction. In this situation, he should re-check the address that he is entering because Bittrex  login can send coins to the valid address and not to the others.
  • Pending request-At times, a user forgets to click on the authorization link sent to his email address. In this situation, he is sure to face problems while completing his transaction. Hence, one must check his email address for the authorization link and click on it to authorize his account.
  • Insufficient balance- a user may also face issues in case the withdrawal amount he is entering is more than his account balance. To get the balance details, one must keep a regular check on his account, transactions, and other such details. You can also try to withdraw a smaller amount and check if the transaction completes or not.
  • Incomplete transaction due to 2FA- the users who have applied two-factor authentication must complete the process which requires them to enter an OTP sent on their registered mobile number while doing any kind of transaction. If you enter the wrong OTP, then you might have to face the consequences.

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