Learn ships cable tags on ships electrical system

7 months ago

Learn ships cable tags on ships electrical system

For those who are interested in maritime jobs, a ship officer handling the electrical supervision of the vessel can be a suitable career choice. As an electro technical officer, your main duty would be to ensure functioning and maintenance of electrical equipments on vessel.

What does an electro technical officer do?

An electro technical officer handles several responsibilities on vessel mainly related to electrical systems. Like most jobs at sea, as a ship officer handling electronics on a vessel, you are most likely to work under a chief engineer who supervises everything on a ship. And while under a chief engineer, your ship jobs would include the following things.

Maintenance and working of electrical equipments on boardWorking of electrical parts like engine rooms, radio communications, electronic navigation needs like echo sounders, Gyro compass, Weather Fax, auto pilot, RADAR system, Broadcast and internal aerial system, telephone and talk back system and satellite communicationsLook into basic electric needs like refrigeration, bridge systems and control roomsMaintenance of emergency systems including emergency switches, fire alarms and detectorsVessel’s electrical components like navigational lights, battery backups and electrically operated propelling machinery

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