Keep Your Little Pig Warm In Winter: Fleece Cage Liners

5 months ago

Keep Your Little Pig Warm In Winter: Fleece Cage Liners

The Guinea Pig & Fleece Cage Liners is the home of your guinea pig. This is where they will spend most of their lives. Guinea pigs tend to live best in groups, but many standard commercial cages are not large enough even for a pair of pigs. Here, the bigger is really better. The old 2 square foot guide per guinea pig is considered outdated and not enough space. Many consider this too narrow and it is recommended that you provide a space of 7.5 square feet for one guinea pig and 10.5 feet for a pair. If you can provide extra space outside that dimension, your guinea pig will benefit from this extra space. You can also make your own guinea pigs and you can make your home cage easily and they can be better than many commercial guinea pigs.

Adult males can develop a condition called impaction - loss of muscle tone in the anal area, which causes the stool to 'back off' and requires periodic and regular cleaning by their guardians. Large cages with large space for exercise can help keep guinea pigs tight and fit.

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